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BF 1942 Mod: Februar News 2013!
Feb 11, 2013 6:46 PM
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Area 51 Mod Download:

Dort wird mit dem macher der Mod Diskutiert und von dort stammt die News:


I found an entry/post to a new fun mod, it involves the Area51 mod for Battlefield 1942.
Tested themselves I have not linked but a video and the discussion below for you you.
Preview/Movie to Area 51:

Area 51 Mod Download:

There will be discussed with the makers of the MOD and the news comes from there:

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Feb 11, 2013 6:52 PM
Joined: Dec 05, 2008
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Thanks to Tuia and SK we finally can offer you now a 128 slot "Forgotten Hope" mod server where you can play with

FH 0.7 Installer available for V. 1.612 (Origin Version):

your CD version 1.61b
origin version 1.612

Working together!!!

Nothing changes for you as 1.61b gamer !

1.) Only thing is you see the PFC FH/RANKED server not highligted anymore as 1.61b (CD gamer) in the ingame browser list of BF1942 .

2.) Only thing is that the FHSW Europe server is greyed out in the in-game browser list of BF1942 CD if it's not saved in your favourite servers list. But you can of course still join it.

3.) Dear Battlegroup42 fans,

thanks to our friends over at PFC, we were able to update our server with fixed files, allowing for 128 players AND supporting Origin based Battlefield 1942 versions !

But since none of our team have the Origin version (we all use the old version) we need your help. If you own the new Origin based Battlefield 1942 game, please try to connect to our server and try playing the current 1.8 BETA ! Please post your experiences inside our forum.

Credits goes to Tuia and SK

P.S. please read the following posts to the additional FH/SW Community News!!

(Source: Pixel-Fighter & FHSW-europe)
Feb 11, 2013 6:55 PM
Joined: Dec 05, 2008
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[MOB] Member Backstage News:

My personal conclusion: I am the SimLac succeeded still has his project to implement, the task was not easy. For this but all the more rewarding because this enormous disparity in quality, type and degree of different vehicle models is one of the most basic shortcomings in Battlegroup42. Even more important is it that this error at least at the Sherman is now finally resolved and thus an essential step towards harmonised classification has been made. Only very a pity that the patchwork of BG42 so as a whole still not ENT patches is and it will no longer happen.

With our new Shermans, the quality and valency of the BattleGroup42 mod again made an enormous leap ahead, eleven years after its founding. This is an outstanding example on how fans, in this case our friends from the FPS club, can support a mod through self-initiative. Now, we can finally begin closing the file "BG42". There are still some minor things to do, this is a topic for another news, but we're much closer to release now.

For full news, ask and more information please visit the: website!

(Source mix: &

[MOB] Member Community News:
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