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Battlefield 1918 v3.3b announced!!!
Jul 20, 2022 7:24 AM
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Greetings to everyone and welcome to a Battlefield 1918 news update as we from the Battlefield 1918 development team are excited to officially announce V3.3b as well as some of the new features it will include. Many may wonder what this new build will offer, so first we present a new faction to be added to the mod, the IMRO or The Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization.

Founded in 1893 as a militant independence movement mainly by Bulgarians, IMRO was supported by the Bulgarian government during World War I and became notorious for its raids. Of course, given the guerrilla warfare character of the IMRO, it should come as no surprise to players that this faction will focus mainly on raids with mainly infantry and some cavalry support. In addition, players can also expect a new map for the faction and this brings us to one of the new maps in V3.3b, namely Valandovo.

Historically, a major IMRO raid against an important Serbian railway on April 2, 1915. On this map, the IMRO will invade several Serbian positions, with the main goal being the destruction of the railway bridge. A task that imro players would find much easier if they managed to capture Serbian artillery during combat. Of course, this is not the only new map from the Serbian front that players can expect, with another map worth mentioning is Gucevo.

Gucevo was fought as part of the larger Battle of Drina in the autumn of 1914 and was characterized by the fact that it was one of the first battles of the war, which was characterized by its trench warfare. In this case, the trenches are particularly close to each other. Therefore, our players, be it for the Serbs or the Austro-Hungarians, will find that this map has particularly hectic battles, with grenades and dynamite really becoming effective tools of war. Speaking of war tools, we come to some of the new vehicles that players can look forward to, the first being the Blériot XI Spotter aircraft.

This aircraft, a pre-war design that was used extensively in the early days of the war, offers players the opportunity to perform offboard artillery attacks to destroy enemy positions. While this aircraft may not have any real means of defending itself, fortunately it will be mainly on maps that lie in front of effective fighter planes. That said, now let's move on to a vehicle that is one of the best armed in the entire mod, namely the mighty K-car!

An experimental Super Heavy Tank design from Germany, the K-car was not finished by the end of the war, although 2 were almost finished. Of course, that hasn't stopped players from having a chance to drive one, and so the K-car will appear on the Battle of the Giants map, where its 4 cannons and 7 machine guns will certainly come in handy.

With a crew capacity of 11, the K-Wagen is a powerful vehicle that would become an invaluable centerpiece on secret weapon cards. There are, of course, even more vehicles and maps that will be presented in more detail in the upcoming news updates; For the time being, however, there is a trailer for the new update here. We hope that it will be satisfying for our long-time fans and will make you all curious about what else our mod will offer:

BF1918 Trailer:

After all this, the Battlefield 1918 development team wants to wish everyone a good day and hope to see you all again soon!

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P.S. lets you look again, because with you on the server it has always been fun, the servers are all online.

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