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Battlefield 1918 3.4 Pre-Release annonouncement and Trailer is out!
Sep 20, 2023 6:25 AM
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Greetings everyone! It has been a while since the last update but fear not, for we the members of the Battlefield 1918 Mod Development have been at work slowly making the 3.4 update a reality. With this in mind we wish to show some of the new features that are being added with this update. To start off let's look at some of the new animations that are being added!

New animations, especially for our bolt actions have been one of the most requested features by our fans (along with adding Iron Sights) as such we hope you are as excited as we are by this latest bit of news. Of course new animations are not the only thing coming in the 3.4 update so let us now look at some of the new maps arriving. First off let's look at Kosovo! Fought in November of 1915, this battle was one of the last stands made by Serbia before the great retreat through Albania. Here Serbian players can expect to conduct a similar fighting retreat in order to slow down and potentially halt the pursuing Bulgarian forces.

While we hope this map will be another change of pace for fans it is of course not the only new map we have to announce and this is also an excellent time to look at new content being added for the Upcoming Russian Civil War Expansion as well. For a start let's talk about the Battle Of Lemberg! Fought from November of 1918 to May of 1919 this battle saw Polish and Ukrainian forces clash over the titular town of Lemberg. On this map players will see the Ukrainian forces lay siege to the city and push slowly through the streets.

Of course this is not the only new map being added for the Russian Civil War either as now is an excellent opportunity to talk about the Battle Of Avratin! Set in November of 1921 this battle was a bold and desperate final attempt by the Ukrainian forces to gain independence from the Red Army. Expect a more open map that is a hybrid between a push and meeting engagement. The Red Army does hold a few CPs at the start but there are also plenty of neutral flags.

Speaking of Avratin it is now an excellent opportunity to talk about another new vehicle that players will see on this map. The Austin-Kegresse armored halftrack! This vehicle is a variant of the Austin armored car with a new turret layout along with it being converted into a halftrack. It also features a gun port in the rear so that passengers can fire on enemies that attempt to flank it.

With these new additions it is also worth noting that those wishing to see our mod in action may do so through this latest trailer, we hope you enjoy!


Lastly it is important to discuss the release date for 3.4. We know our fans have been waiting most patiently for this latest update and the excitement has been most welcome to see. It is under this context that we must inform you that while we had intended to release the mod in August of 2023, this release date has now been moved to late September of 2023. This of course may not be the news that those who have waited and are continuing to wait may wish to hear, that said take heart for the day will come when 3.4 is finally released, and also please note that we still have plenty more to reveal in terms of maps, factions, and features. With this in mind we hope that we shall have your patience longer still while we work to make 3.4 a reality for all of you. With all of that said the Battlefield 1918 Mod Development Team would like to thank all of you amazing fans for your continued support, and we hope that you have a good day.

Battlefield 1918 v3.3 current Version before Release v3.4: Download

Russia, Soviet Union, Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia Attention fans! Just before the official release, let me introduce you to some new Battlefield 1918 v3.4 maps.
The mod for Battlefield 1942 is dedicated to the First World War and the Civil War in the East. The new version of Battlefield 1918 v3.4 is scheduled for release this month.
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You can also translate the site into Russian, which now works quite well.
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Feb 22, 2024 9:52 AM
Very good update. Forgotten Hope could use the same change.