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BF1942: Battlefield Heroes 42 - 3.0 last release!
Jul 27, 2011 8:36 AM
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Apache Thunder
the has only recently for Battlefield Heroes published map "Wicked wake" ported to Battlefield Heroes for BF 1942 (Heroes'42) and surprisingly announced an end of the work after version 3.0. In the modification, the classic of all BF cards in contrast to the original as a Night map will be available and have full bot support as usual.

Development is set

In addition to the positive message of a new release, however, the competitive overshadowed by ApacherThunder, that he probably set the development of the modification to the next release, which will expand only the Map list and after after now 6 years from the active modding will pull back. As the reason, he calls the engine in the years come, the departure of the player to newer titles of the series, as well as changes in the real life. In the annex you will find a video of the given Night map as well as an early version of the normal map almost on the day. We may place who still should know the modification does not at this point only to the heart to try again or bookmark for the next LAN. The latest version (2.5) of course can be found under our downloads.

Wicked Wake Nights at first:

Wicked Wake ready for play result:

(Quelle: BFGAMES)
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Oct 30, 2011 10:28 AM
Joined: Dec 05, 2008
Posts: 228
Friend's, ist on the time to preview new facts about this mod, sry that have been waiting for a time of it.
But now i present it for you the BF Heroes 42 3.0 News.

[quote]APACHE talk about the standing of the work on the BF Heroes 42 update, to this information released a preview movie for the comming 3.0 update:
Finished the wreck mesh for the Royal version of the boat. (not yet done alternate textures for it yet)

I even animated the flags to fall down while the front mast brakes in half.

Battlefield Heroes'42: Boat Wreck Animation

Battlefield Heroes'42: First Functional Boat

Battlefield Heroes'42: Boat Sailing in Perilous Port

Battlefield Heroes'42: Alpha Bush

Battlefield Heroes'42: Alpine Assault Winter 2.0