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BF 1942 Map Preview: Murmansk
Nov 20, 2011 1:03 PM
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While our yesterday's news was still to new maps for the latest part of the series, we go imagination with our current map back to the origin of the series. The of Fishbone created map it puts us on the eastern front.

Name: Murmansk
Mapper: fishbone
GAME: BF1942
Spielmodi: CQ, TDM
Filesize: 7 MB

Download Murmansk (7MB)

Short description

On the map Murmansk start both teams from their main bases in direction card Center, where the three a taking flags are located. The battles are likely to revolve mainly around the central point of the flag. This one is well protected by many houses and ruins nearby. In particular tank driver should take before hidding anti-tank beware. But also for the infantry, the map provides many ways to flank the enemy. There are many narrow streets and even a small tunnel, which can be used for surprise attacks on the map. How the card play ultimately, we could not test unfortunately due to missing server and not available Bot support. Also CTF can be at the start while selecting, you can not spawn in this mode however.


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