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EoD Classic v2.40 Preview: Infinite
Dec 20, 2011 6:25 AM
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Not much words. Just some facts and 2 videos.

This is the largest map ever made for EoD, and maybe one of five made for Battlefield 1942.

It has the size of Khe Sanh, Operation Hastings, Operation Prairie and Landingzone X-Ray together in one huge map!
It takes you about an hour to drive with a jeep to every corner of the map and about 3-4 minutes with a Mig-21.
The map size will be about 160MB (compressed).

Now we need a new code from EA for 256 players

Eve of Destruction v2.40 - Infinite Map Preview

Eve of Destruction v2.40 - IL-28 flight through Infinite map

You'll need actual hardware to play this map in coop.
With a 3 years old intel E8500 and nvidia GT9800-1024 I get 100 fps in CONQuest and about ~75 fps in COOP.
Older PC may have spf instead of fps!