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[APG] Wants YOU for BF2
Sep 25, 2014 6:13 PM
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[APG] Clan originally started as BF2 clan in August 2005 and it had expanded its membership and servers. And is still active but is recruiting for more members and admins.

[APG] is also recruiting for superb leadership specialised decent players for a specific gaming mod. [APG] is currently hosting 50 GameServers in 12 various GameMods. However the app for leadership will be limited as it will be reserved for one player/member that has the good assertive leadership, great talents and for arranging their players to do their tasks. [APG] Mod Clan Leaders will be available for UT99, UT2004, Call of Duty Series, BattleField, Counter Strike, Day of Defeat, Team Fortress, Killing Floor and maybe Left 4 Dead. If you know how to play and handle your squad or teammates, then please sign up and apply in our Main Site. However the entry requirements is important and quite limited, you need to be 18 or over and need proof on your history about your leaderships. If you are a long term [APG] member, or had donated a wealthy amount to our server funds, then it is likely [APG] will choose you as a Mod Clan Leader.

We are looking for C++/C, PHP and Java coders; plus mappers, that will aid our server management and to customise our addons to eliminate any flaws or use the source scripts to decompile for Linux conversions - as the older Linux non-SteamPipe addons with a old SDK and GCC compiler is making our addons incompatible.

Also we are looking for rare or top notch maps and mappers that will enhance and revolutionise our maps mainly for CSS, DoD and also HL1 mod maps. If you were a ex mapper or coder when you had to put your college/university or personal problems and abandon supporting or coding Dedicated Server plugins/addons/tools? We are here to help and will be granted higher access admin and possibly be paid via Steam gifts. We may not use Paypal payment for the sake of their email exposed and their real names. Having personal or private information posted or exposed in [APG] isn't wise as we respect our player's privacy under Data Protection Act 1998 and will guarantee on only having your information that we need just enough to regain trust on being a [APG] Member or Senior Admin.

Our goals is simply this:-
>> Recode or compile a HLDS/SRCDS addon, like AdminMod, AMXX and SourceMod plugins to tackle those long-term abandoned flaws.
>> Fill our map database to complete our collection and share in our [APG] Games Workshop Download site.
>> Have mature and legal mappers that understand the principles of map making and avoiding using copyrighted map templates.
>> We are looking for map testers to test our [APG] custom-made maps
>> And to provide our servers with the essential well-balanced gameplay and fun activities.

[APG] Main Site []
[APG] gameME Stats []
[APG] Downloads & Arcade Site []
[APG] Donations Page []

Site Description & Information:
About us & our Community: All Platform Gaming We are a Multi-Gaming Community & Clan.

We support all types of Gamers, NO matter your skill or hardware or even how much you play... Your more then welcome to join us or our community.

Just a friendly note that joining this group does not mean you are made a member!

We also advertise for other clans on a help me and I'll help you basis.

Please spread the word & Invite all your friends & family...

All Platform Gaming We are a Multi-Gaming-Community/Clan. Games Supported So Far: COD4, BF2142, BF2, L4D, TFC, CS1.6, DOD1.3, FireArms, TF2, CS:S, DOD:S, HL1 & Mods, HL2 & Mods & many more. We also support online Console gaming such as: PS3 and XBOX360 Live. Is a large part of our online gaming community .While we do support a variety of group specific activities, our focus has been and will always be providing the best possible internet gaming experience for all of our members and guests. Everyone is welcome to join the All Platform Gaming community, the only requirement we ask is? To treat everyone with respect. We are all here to have fun, to experience the games we love in a mature and great environment.
[APG] and our members Would like to say thank you to our sponsors and to all who have supported us....
We are looking for members and admins. So if you would like to join us then apply within at:
[APG] Server List URL - CLICK HERE![]
And many more servers...!
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