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Dota 2 -advice for a positiv team game play
Mar 26, 2016 11:17 AM
Joined: Mar 12, 2016
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I know we all have meet them. The team we all fear to meet when we open dota 2. Specielly for solo mmr. The lack of team work , angry players , carrys roaming solo feed the enemies. or the support not buying any wards or support items , or people not having any tp so your towers get pushed to fast and you end up being mad yourself and the fight begins. We all have this kinda games. Specielly in mmr games.
The mmr lvl is kinda low and in fact that you becoure could just have a lvl booster so you come to the lvl that you
can start ranked games it does not mean that your ready for ranked games. Even if you just resently dinged the lvl for it if you didnt use booster before they removed it , it will not say your ready.I have played this game for 1 year now. I have still lots to learn myself. But something i know becouse i have most of the times had a team that i played with. I know some stuff that people just dont want to think about.

I first want to talk about actuel Support!

As a support you have to actely do the courier , wards , smoke , not take last hits from the tank/carry. Have items that helps your lane mate not yourself. In lane base the carry/ Tank comes first. if you die by protecting him is not a big deal. as long as he gets the money he can carry you to get money later. but if you steal from him and will be the tanky one later IS NOT GONNA MAKE YOU WIN! dota has roles for a reason. and in 1 game 2 supports are actely something you need. why? its easy not one person can handle the wards by there own. to much money. And if 1 support buy the courier and wards in the begining the other support can get more inportent stuff in lane. But then the one not buying the ward or courier need to make it flying and buy wards to the other support get some items it needs to survive. " always talk to eatchother" so you dont build the same item as the other support do. if you have to do an expensiv item and the other support do not then ask nice for it to make the wards to you get it. communication is inportent. voice or chat!

tho to the carry that has a support with him. dont think the player can read your minds. talk to your support. tell him your plans and idees not just RUUUUUN in for a team fight end up dying and then your suprised support that is only half way to you becouse you go alone gets the blame. belive it or not carrys and tanks out there. YOU NEED THE SUPPORT! its not that your bad , its just how the game is build to be.

So think about it everyone. Communication leads to a friendly zone. i do know sometimes you end up with a russian that will not understand you. its a horror we all meet. but at least ask him in early game can you speak english in a nice way if he dont answer or maybe say in a bad english not much. then we have another system called CTRL - ALT click on items will tell you will build it. so the person knows. tho this is a more harder way to communicate but can help you with this russian to know aha he will build this. then the team also know ok i shall not build it he do.

something i notice people choise to not use is TELEPORT SCROLLS. ALWAYS HAVE THEM! AND I MEAN ALWAYS. it can save towers and save your game!

and if you know you get mad easy in a game. please just dont ♥♥♥♥ing type to people. why type to someone you are a noob? what do you gain on it? you gain mostly a report.. is that what you want to have? or is a commend in end of the game a bit more fun? if you have anger issuse just be angry on your own at home.. becouse a team that fights will lose. why ? well its simple.. would you talk/ coperate whit someone you dislike that have offended you IRL? i dont think you would. so the team work will fade away. and meanwhile you guys are fighting... the others are not.. and they push / fight better becouse of it. and to others dont feed the troller/ the one being angry by type mean stuff just mute him. becouse if someone is mad he will bring the team down.