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Admin App (Qgmod server)
Nov 18, 2013 5:58 PM
Joined: Nov 13, 2013
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Ok I am here to apologize to some of the admins on the Qgmod server such as Gower, Proton and EatingaSquid. I have not had a very good start on the server with some of the Admins and I have said sorry and Im making a new start (that's if they forgive me). I really enjoy playing on the server as you can see I am rank 6 on the most played list and I am wondering If I could try and help out the server and become admin. I have had experience in the past but It was a long time ago but the guy removed me from being an Admin because he said I had to make a forum application first but I had some trouble creating an Account so I gave up. But Im glad to say that I have managed to make an account and Im here to ask If I play another couple of hours on the server could I become an Admin. I know my chances are very low because of the bad start what I had but I just would really like to help the server out and help other people out on the server. My In game name is NucularxGamer and my steam name is the same.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope to be helping your server out in the future.
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