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Source Engine Server-Setup/Management
Jan 12, 2014 3:40 PM
Joined: Jan 14, 2012
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Hi! I'm offering setup of your Source-Server. (CSS, Hl2, L4D, TF2, Garry's mod, etc)
This includes full installation and configuration of game-mode of your choosing, any addons you wish to have, as well as anything else you need. (FastDL setup, MYSQL database setup, Fully automatic donation systems, etc.)
Price varies depending on amount of work required. Payment will be done via PayPal. Half will be given to me to start the work, the other half being given upon completion of the work.
(On average, price will be about $15)

I am also able to be hired for temporary management of your server. (I will keep the server updated, and assist you in the population of the server, as well as assist you in dealing with hackers, skiddies, and general ass-hats who may come on to cause some trouble.)

Example of server-success upon temporary management. In a two-week period the server went from 2508th, to 227th. (And still rising)

If you have any questions, you can send me a private message here, or post in the thread.