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PANDEMIA top server Killing Floor
Dec 31, 2018 10:25 AM
Joined: Oct 26, 2018
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Welcome KILLING FLOOR fans!
Our project offers to play your favorite game, we have everything you need: cool weapons, skins, and terrible samples of opponents!
Start now, pump your coolness, and become a hero!
Survive, hone dexterity, tactics and strategy, find like-minded people, partners and friends, and by the way, maybe even love!
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PANDEMIA - a NEW word in the cult game KILLING FLOOR

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General description:
Game: Killing floor client version 1065
Server Name: PANDEMIA
Difficulty: Normal
Wave: 10 Boss
Game Slots: 10
Connection: Steam / NO-Steam
Max level: 200 lvl
Starting Level: 0
Fire on their own: Off
Auto-Spawn: On
Voting Card: On
Work time: 24/7
Zombie set: Mix

The server combines the best of the game for hardcore entertainment! Pump over, hone tactics and strategies to survive! Alone, it will be difficult, but certainly interesting! Play with friends, gather a team - together crushing the mutants is even more fun!

A variety of mutants
Powerful Final Boss
Robots helpers
Marks of Excellence
Achievement system
200 levels !!!
Extra perks
Various weapons
Antiafk system
Fixing nicks
Fast start
Events, promotions and bonuses !!!