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Gearbox Answers Q&A About Borderlands 2
Gearbox developers answer some questions about the upcoming RPG/FPS hybrid Borderlands 2, sequel to the multi-platform smash hit Borderlands. This will be their first major game release after the flop that was Duke Nukem: Forever.

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The folks at Gearbox have been so happy with the response that they have gotten from their recent Borderlands 2 announcements that they decided to answer some of the fans most burning questions. The developer is on a roll with response to the Borderlands 2 Deluxe Vault Hunter’s Collector’s Edition and Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition being very positive. Some people are calling them the best CE and LE’s ever.

The developer hit up the PlayStation Blog to answer questions on tons of topics, including Character customization options, voice chat, Mechromancer, and a unique reward for Borderlands 1 players.

Can we expect better more consistent framerate this time around?

That’s certainly the plan! We’re entering the phase of development right now where we are focusing on framerate and stability, so it’s too early for me to give any final numbers, but you will see an improvement over the first game.

Can a second player on local splitscreen be logged in to a separate PSN ID and gain Trophies and stats?

We’re looking into this as well, but right now the answer is no.

The only important question: will voice communication be fixed? It was unusable in BL1.

Good timing – you’ll hopefully be pleased to know that a portion of our programming team is working on voice chat issues right now so they will be working for everyone when the game launches!

Will there be more character customization (individual skills, armor, etc) than in the first one?

You’ll be able to choose from a large variety of swappable heads/hairstyles/headgear in addition to choosing from hundreds of unique color and decal themes, and both together offer a ton of options for customization. As for skills, each class offers a bigger quantity and more interesting variety of skills to choose from in the skill trees.

Will vehicle-based gameplay be enhanced? It was fairly basic in the original game.

We’re introducing a new vehicle, the Technical, which can hold 4 players at once and also has a few weapon configurations to choose from. Some are better than others depending on the types of enemies you’ll face and the environment you’ll be fighting in. On the other hand, Borderlands is mainly a game about weapons and loot so we don’t want to force people to stay in vehicles for too long.

Will there be a shortcut button for health kits? Going thru your backpack sucks, especially during battles!

Yeah, that sucked. Pausing wasn’t really fun in combat. It was a tough decision, but we decided to remove carryable health packs and instead fill that need with new relics and shields that can help keep you out of that emergency state to begin with. The result is a more fluid combat experience since now you’re not worrying about when the best time to pause the game is and you still get that fun sense of preparing for a battle by choosing the right gear.

Health Packs will still appear and drop and they will now heal you up in the middle of battle

What enhancements have you made to the weapon interface, inventory, and pickup system?

We have a completely new inventory screen and all of the other interface screens have received various upgrades. There’s a lot more useful data for gear comparison and also more descriptive text on the item cards as well. Having said that, the best way to know what a gun does is to use it – and some weapons are *very* special…

Money and ammo now automatically pick up if dropped from enemies as well!!

Will the environments be more varied, instead of one big desert?

Absolutely! We’ve shown a tundra, cavern, grasslands, and Hyperion tech environments so far, but there are many more in the game – I think you’ll enjoy the environmental diversity in BL2.

What are you doing to extend the variety of enemy types and combat encounters?

There are brand new enemy families in Borderlands 2, and the total count of unique enemies (including special elemental variants with unique AI) is in the triple digits. New environments + new enemy types and behaviours = much more varied combat encounters!

So when will we get the Mechromancer class and is it a exclusive to any version of the game ?

We’re hoping to release her to the world as soon as possible – but we have to get the game through the certification process as right now she only exists as a sketch and we need to finish up Borderlands 2! The good news is that the Mechromancer will be compatible with all versions of the game and she will be free if you preorder at participating retailers through the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club!

Is the story going to be more cut-scene based like UNCHARTED, or more audio log based like the original BL?

We’re mixing it up a bit this time: few short cutscenes (and title cards) where necessary, lots of in-game moments, ECHO logs, missions, and environmental storytelling – not to mention the significant NPC improvements we made so it doesn’t just feel like a cardboard cut out of a dude is sending you on a quest.

What’s great is that we catered it towards both audiences that love story telling through NPCs and those who prefer to go kick some ass! If you choose to do the latter, you can run off as the NPC is talking to you and the discussion will appear as an ECHO transmission. No chains attached!

Will we be able to use custom soundtracks on PS3?

No, but hopefully you’ll like the huge amount of new music we’ve composed just for this game!

Will there be any in-game bonuses in Borderlands 2 if you have a save file and completed the first game?

Yes, if we detect a save file from the first game on your console then you’ll be rewarded with a unique swappable head and skin for every class!

Will the max level be past 69?

We’re balancing the game to cap at level 50; in the first game we ended up pushing the cap to 69 through post-launch patches and DLC. I don’t have DLC plans for Borderlands 2 yet but we tend to want to one-up ourselves each time, so… we’ll see what happens!

Well that’s it for the questions folks but Gearbox really answered a lot of the lingering questions players had about Borderlands 2 right there. I like the strategy, I never understood why developers seem to want to not reveal information about a game that has already been decided, it makes no sense. Most of the decisions are about core design decisions that they would have made months ago, it’s not like its going to change drastically now. Anyway hit up the comments and let us know what you think about all the changes Gearbox is making for Borderlands 2.
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