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Far Cry 3 Latest Details

Far Cry 3 is a highly anticipated but somewhat feared upcoming title from Ubisoft, thanks to the many hits and misses of Far Cry 2 that both pleased and frustrated fans of the series.


Some highlights from the article include comparison points between Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3. Malaria won't be a factor in Far Cry 3, if you clear out and establish ownership of an area, it won't get repopulated with bad guys, there is fast-travel, and the guns won't be rusting and deteriorating.

It goes on to detail some of the new additions to Far Cry 3 such as the story line being focused more on the human aspect of being on the run and struggling to survive until the character becomes more accommodated with the lifestyle of violence. It even states that the single player, co-op, and player-versus-player multiplayer modes all have their own areas independent of one another.
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