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New Leviathan DLC for Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 expansion Leviathan revealed
via USA Today

BioWare will launch an expansion later this summer of the single-player campaign featured in its outer space epic Mass Effect 3.

The download, Leviathan, will be available for $10 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

According to a post on BioWare's blog, Commander Shepard and his squad search for the Leviathan, a mysterious being rumored to have the power to destroy the Reapers, an alien machine race invading Earth.

The expansion will open up new areas of the Citadel, and unlock some additional weapons.

BioWare will also release a weapons pack for the single-player campaign featuring seven new weapons for player arsenals. It will cost $2.

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Article source: USA Today
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