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Bumfuzzler Modtopia!
Jan 07, 2017 4:50 PM
Joined: Dec 03, 2007
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Stop by the Bumfuzzler Modoptia Server!! We have Loot x5, Instacraft, QuickSmelt Maxed, Z-Levels x10 and tons of mods! Noobs are welcome! We're running all of the popular mods (see below) and have active admins!

Visit us at for stats and server information.

Absolute Gifts - receive gifts for activity
Anti-offline Raiding - lowered percentage of damage when base owner offline
Better Chat - improved chatting
Chat Head - see chat messages over player heads
Clans - manage your clan and communication
Corpse Duration - longer corpse despawn times
Crafting Controller - instant crafting
Death Notes - display animal and player kills in chat
Friends - see friends on maps, give access to code locks and turrets automatically
Info Panel - graphical toolbar interface showing players, sleepers, coordinates, etc.
Insults - generate insults to other players
Item Skin Randomizer - random skins applied to crafted items
Kits = packages of items available periodically for each player
Lusty Map - graphical map of the world including landmarks and friends
Magic Loot - increased loot and components by 5x
MStats - statistics, find here
No Decay - no building decay
Teleportation - teleport to your homes and other players
Pets - catch an animal and make it your pet
Quick Smelt - extremely fast smelting of metals
Remover Tool - ability to remove items from the world
Sign Artist = add images to signs
Slap = slap another player
Stack Size Controller = increased stacking for items in inventory
Trade - trade with other players from a safe distance
Universal UI = graphical menu
Weapons on Back - show weapons for players on their back
Where's my Corpse? = shows a pointer and distance to your body after you die
Z Levels = ability to level up gathering skills to obtain a higher yield