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TeamSpeak3 Server Banned by Abuse [2nd time]
Jan 18, 2018 7:10 PM
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My last topic was this one:

Same story now as we recovered our rank:

This server has been detected to report fake or
idle clients and it is not eligible to be ranked.

GT Server Page:


Probably this time again as blackwing said, we have 'bots'.

Here is the GT Scrollgif where are the most players:

I believe we don't get banned for 'fake players', we get banned because we were in top15 in.. maximum 6 days?

Recording a video right now to show that players existent on 'Camera de Somn' or other 2 'AFK channels' are REAL, HUMANS, probably maximum they're on +1 identity with thier android or iOS

I'm very happy to provide a recording or screenshot displaying the IP Address of the users, in private.

Here's a video recording of 3+ minutes:

Contents of the video:
- Client info of almost each client on that channels, showing even 'connections' [in the right side when i show them]
- Client info without REMOTE INFO [obvious reasons]
- As presented in the video, if you watch closely, the idle differs from person to person.

I can happly provide a full:
- clientlist -uid -away -voice -times -groups -info -country -ip

Which would display the country, voice times, idle times, ipaddresses. Only if requested via PM [obvious reasons]

I can also provide an Admin Privilege Key with 'Remote Info' access if a GameTracker representative can free at least 1 minute of thier precious time to 'confirm' our ''fake players''.

Here are our ZinGuard Channel Information via web:
> [Camera de Somn]
- [2nd AFK Channel]
- [3rd AFK Channel]

The reason why i created 2 more 'afk channels' is basic:
- I believed that you banned us because we have too many players, so i instructed our bot to 'split' them based on idle time. 2nd AFK Channel are just people idle more than 2h / first AFK channel are UNDER 2h idle and 3rd AFK Channel is only available to our Credits System 'ZinCoin'.

I'm gonna specify the profiles of people as well [via zinguard because i don't know how i can provide proof anymore that you are wrong.]

Players on channel:
Or you can follow up on this link: / following by clicking each name, you'll be displayed a profile page of that identity with history what it did, what nicknames had and so on, i'll provide a gif showcasing the page:

[The only info on the last topic was a image [from Blackwing]]

> Or imgur page:

Our internal graph on that channel:

The ones from the screenshot are again, real humans.
"Camera de Caterinca" means "Fun Room" [in short]
> Internal page:
"Camera de Socializare" means "Talk Room" [in short]
> Internal page:

[I ask for the second time]
- It's your incompetence that you ban servers only because of few reports? [Sorry for the insult but is the second time and i didn't received a clear answer]
- What are the exactly parameters that you check on a TeamSpeak3 server that matches a pattern that we actually have 'fake players', because we actually ban if they're more than 3 IDENTITIES connected on the Same IPAddress.

What's the REAL reason that we're banned?
- It's because i automatically move all players on the same channel for orginising reasons? Should i modify the bot to split players on channels for you to be happy?
- Why we are unranked?
- What rule i'm breaking?
- What i'm doing wrong? Facts, not sceenshots. A proper administrator can't respond to this topic with facts, for real?

The last topic i had just: "avoid to repeat again bla bla, topic closed and a screenshot of active players via Camera de Caterinca"
- I actually can't force people to disconnect or can't BAN people just because they're not at PC and they're sleeping for example.
- I didn't even had a better performance on players since the first unrank, we have the same players.

I really read the rules and i know them by the book by now, i really don't understand what rule i'm breaking.

I will be clear, i won't enforce an anti AFK rule just to be treated like a simple Counter Strike 1.6 Server with AFK Spectators.
No TEAMSPEAK3 Server will agree to enforce an anti-afk rule. We cannot and we won't ban or kick players just because between 00:00 - 08:00 most of them are leaving the computers powered on, connected on teamspeak or discord, or playing a csgo while staying on teamspeak.

I'm banning everything matches a clone pattern like {NAME}1-2-3-4-5etc / I'm also banning everything that is connected 3+ times on the same IPAdress.

I don't know what to do anymore, start banning players after 1h of idle? [lol]
- Since is the second time, it's also my last time i request information and re-rank. Since we're the biggest community from romania with more than 70 servers of all kind we'll start migrating to some other tracking service if the abuses keep coming.

- Banned the 2nd time by abuse, my proof that we don't host or have fake-players is in the contents of this topic. It's not our fault that we're the most active teamspeak3 server from romania.

This is not a UNBAN REQUEST!
> I want information WHY we keep getting unranked, since is the second time that we're unranked by your careless and tbh incompetence i want CLEAR INFORMATION about WHAT rule a TeamSpeak3 Server breaks, as i provided information this time and before, we don't have fake players or multiple identities per ipaddress, or clones, or proxies, or whatever, we don't even have foreigners! We're 85%+ romanians!
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Jan 18, 2018 9:09 PM
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I appreciate your dedication to providing a fair ranking environment. Thank you for your messages. Your block has been removed.
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