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Server Command Overflow
Feb 27, 2012 1:46 PM
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Server Command Overflow (SCO) is am error in CODUO I see often that actually seems to more often than not be associated with people that typically do very well in game.
Playing a rough 8 years takes you well outside the realm of "noob" and you notice things. We have all heard of the typical config file tweaks ( Hunkmegs half system ram (instead of the default 128), 125fps best set for jumping, snaps from 20-30 set to 40 or more, packets set from 30 to 62 have even seen post recommending 100 as the cl_maxpacket set.

Could some form of illegal game tweaking within the config file create this error sometimes, but also give a player (not being kicked by the SCO error)some sort of playability advantage?

Exactly what is Server Command Overflow and cause of the error/kick?

Thanks! RaZoR
All this and I get owned half the time. Trying to find solutions not cheats.

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Dual core AMD's 3.2 GHz
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Thanks! RaZoR64