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HHD_HELLBOUND United States United States       
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Rank Gm Name   Players Loc Map
20 HELLZHAWTDAWGZ 0/32 United States el alamein
Operating System Windows 7 x64
Operating System Windows XP x64
Manufacturer MSI
Processor AMD Athlon(tm) II X4 640 Processor
Memory 8.00 GB
Hard Drive 500 GB Western Digital Sata Win 7 x64
Hard Drive 250 GB Maxtor Win XP x64
Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti
Monitor Dell Inc., Dell 2407WFP (Digital)
Sound Card SB Audigy
Speakers/Headset Creative Inspire 7.1 Surround
Keyboard Enhanced (101- or 102-key)
Mouse Logitech Gaming USB G3 (MX518) Optical Mouse
Mouse "Joystick" Saitek 290 Pro