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Alpha's Salt Factory: Faction Freeroam - Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Server in Germany
I was muted without any warnings and for at least 2 years, or until someone told the staff. Clearly something as minor as spam or swearing got me a permanent muting. Also the admins seem to only give a collective shit for what happens in chat, rather than the real threats of hackers, since they only kick players that hack, but permanently mute or ban spammers or non-English people. Most admins and mods take the side of their friends, especially if their friends are bullying you or breaking the rules. The admins will always take the side of their friends, even if they are hackers or rule breakers. Very rarely is action taken for passive-rammers (type of cheating) and only given warnings, where as spamming is given a permanent mute and 0 warning. The staff is corrupt and for a German server, they seem to have a strictly English-only policy for chat. They have a website dedicated to seeing the chat log, just because it has become more of a priority than catching hackers and keeping tabs on kicked hackers. Many admins and mods abuse their powers to deliver threats across the server to those who piss them off in the chat.
By jordanquill | Jun 12, 2018 5:01 AM