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TeamSpeak 3 Emirates Hyper World | Voice Server - TeamSpeak 3 Server in Pakistan
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Server Summary
Name: Emirates Hyper World | Voice Server
Voice: TeamSpeak 3   Browse: TeamSpeak 3 Servers
Address:   Port: 9987   Status: Alive
Server Manager: emirateskings (claim server)
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Voice Server Rank: 1322nd (24th Percentile)
Highest (past month): 1299th   Lowest (past month): 1344th
Current Players: 0 / 32
Current Bots: 0
Average (past month): 1
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[cspacer]Welcome to
[cspacer]Emirates-KiNGS TeamSpeak 3
Teamspeak Rules
[cspacer] Lobby
Awaiting Verification
Community Meeting
Administrators Meeting
Emirates Gaming
Community Lounge
General Chats
General Chat 1
General Chat 2
General Chat 3
General Chat 4
General Chat 5
General Chat 6
General Chat 7
Muharram Bot
Music Channel 2
Away From Keyboard (AFK)
Club VIP Access
Club VIP
Hall of Famed
Old School
General VIP Lounge
Gold & Platinum VIP
Diamond VIP Lounge
Administration Assistance
Administration Assistance
Customer Relations Support
Forum Issues
Teamspeak Issues
Game Affairs Assistance
Public Relations Assistance
Appealing Bans (First_Last - Admin)
Pending Admin
Pending Executive Director/OED
Work Room 1
Work Room 2
Work Room 3
Work Room 4
Administration Headquarters
Administration Headquarters
Administrators On Duty
General Administration Lounge
Secondary Tasks
Security Operations Center
Founders Office
Office of Devin
Office of Jimmy
Executive Staff Offices
The Club House
OED Staff
Staff Office Complex
Unassigned Senior Staff
Division of GTA Operations
Department of SAMP Admin Personnel
Department of Gang Management
Office of Mino
Office of David
Department of Game Affairs
Office of vacant
Department of Business Management
Division of Support Operations
Department of Public Relations
Office of Rossi
Office of Vacant
Department of Human Resources
Office of Vacant
Department of Technology
Office of Vacant
Department of Security
Office of Vacant
Department of SAMP Development
Office of Gey Hanger
Department of Customer Relations
Office of VACANT
Emirates Gaming - Gangs
Emirates Gaming Gangs Channels
Meeting of the Gang Leaders
Gang Commission [DGA]
1) Yugoslavian National Army [1/3]
Dispatch - High Commands
Tac Rush's Office
Pub (AFK)
2) Los Santos Mafia [0/3]
High Command
3) Glen Park Ballas [0/3]
High Command
4) Grove Street Family [1/3]
High Command
5) The Syndicate [0/3]
High Ranks
F.Henchman's Office
6) Vacant [0/3]
7) Vacant [0/3]
8) Vacant [0/3]
9) Vacant [0/3]
10) Vacant [0/3]
Emirates Gaming - Factions
Emirates Gaming Factions Channels
Meeting of the Faction Leaders
Faction Leader of the Month
Faction Commission
Faction Commission Meeting Room
Law Enforcement Communications (RTO)
1.) Republic of San Andreas
San Andreas Official City Hall Building
San Andreas Official Whitehouse
San Andreas Senate Chambers
Government Official Command
President Summers
Vice President Ljay
2.) Los Santos Police Department
Department Lobby: Recruitment & Training
Recruitment Status: OPEN
Waiting Room (Pending Invite/HC)
R500.) Waiting Room (Recruitment)
R501.) Field Training Office
R502.) Classroom #1
R503.) Classroom #2
R504.) Classroom #3
Department Communications
Bulletin Board
255.500MHz (Central Dispatch - Priority)
255.700MHz (SWAT Operations)
255.900MHz (Detective Operations)
N/A Police Acadmey
[4th Floor] High Command Offices
R400.) Chief of Police Sergio Marcina
R405.) Deputy Chief Jonathan Wick
R407.) Assistant Chief Mikhail Anastasia
R234.) Commander Vacant
R410.) Captain VACANT (ADM)
R115.) Captain Hector C. Adler (OPS)
[3rd Floor] Divisional Command Offices
R300.) Traffic Lieutenant Vacant
R305.) FTO Lieutenant Laquez L. Menace
R310.) IA Lieutenant Vacant
R315.) SWAT Lieutenant VACANT
R320.) DET Lieutenant VACANT
[2nd Floor] Senior Staff Offices
R100.) Legal Services Department
R105.) Board of Appeals Office
R110.) Internal Affairs Office
R115.) AFK Lounge
3.) Federal Bureau Investigation-CLOSED
Vacant Bureau
Bulletin Board
[1st Floor] FBI Lobby & Waiting ROOM
[203.126 KHz] FBI - Tactical Operations
[204.183 KHz] FBI- Undercover Operations
[202.512 KHz] FBI - On-Duty Comms
[2nd Floor] FBI Command Offices
Office of Director Vacant
Office of DeputyDirector Vacant
Office of Assis Director Vacant
FBI Private Dinner [OFF DUTY] ((AFK))
4.) Fire Department of San Andreas
1st Floor - Recruitment Lobby
Lobby (Live recruitment)
Interview Room
Training Room
2nd Floor - Department Communications
(250.300MHz) Central Dispatch
(250.312MHz) Internal Affairs Comms
3rd Floor - High Command Offices
Fire Chief Rossi Dawn
Deputy Chief Vacant
Assistant Chief Vacant
Captain Vacant (ADM)
Captain Vacant (OPS)
4th Floor - Low Command Offices
Lieutenant Vacant (HR)
Lieutenant Vacant (IA)
Lieutenant Vacant (EMS)
Lieutenant Vacant (F&R)
Fire Lounge (( Away from Keyboard ))
5.) San Andreas News - CLOSED
6.) People's Revolutional Army-CLOSED
8.) National Guard
NG Official Handbook
Lobby (Waiting Room)
Training & Recruitment Center
[HQ-B] Interview Room
[HQ] Training Communication
Communication Center
(600.001-KHz) Joint Operations
(600.002-KHz) Air Force Operations
(ENCRYPTED) Military Police Operations
Command Platform
Office of General Vacant
Office of Colonel Vacant (Army)
Office of Colonel Vacant (MA)
Office of Major Vacant
Divisional Command Offices
Honorary Council
Barracks ((Away From Keyboard))
10.) Hitman
Staff Office Complex
Non-Admin Staff Complex
Non-Admin Staff Complex
Game Innovations
Game Innovations QA Team Lobby
Game Innovations QA Team Interview Room
Game Innovations QA Team Lounge
Roleplay Improvement
RPI Team Bulleting Board
Recruitment Section
Waiting Room
RPI Interview Room
Members Area
RPI Discussion Room
Roleplay Improvement Team Roster
RPI Command Team
Office of Chairman Vacant
Office of Vice Chairman Vacant
Senior Specialists Offices
Office of Senior Specialist Vacant
Beta Team
Beta Team Notice Board
Waiting Room
Beta Team Sandbox
Beta Team Management
Chief Beta Tester Vacant
Assistant Chief Beta Tester Vacant
Public Relations Department
Public Relations Department
Advisory Department
Advisory Department
Advisors Board (UPDATED: 23/08/17)
Helpers Board (Updated: 5/31/14)
Community Helper: Recruitment (Open)
Helpers - Interview Room 1
Helpers - Interview Room 2
Advisory Department Private Channels
Community Advisor On Duty
Community Helper Lounge
Chief & Asst. Chief Community Advisors
CCA- Mikhail Anastasia
ACCA - Jonathan Wick
Public Relations Meeting Channel
Pending Chief or Senior Advisor
Networking Department Offices
IGFM Radio Station
IGFM Waiting Room
BZFM Recruitment Section
BZM Interview Room
BZM Setup Room
Radio Bulletin Board
Live Streaming [ DJ Name ]
The Radio Staff Lounge
Administration Offices
Executive Radio Manager Vacant
Deputy Radio Manager Vacant
MultiMedia Headquarters
MutiMedia Waiting Room
MutiMedia Staff Lounge
Office of VACANT(Chief)
Office of Vacant ( Assistant Chief )
Innovations Department Office
Innovations Department Offices
Special Events Committee
Waiting Room
Team Member Lounge
Events Committee Management Offices
Office of Jonathan Wick ( Chairman )
Office of Rossi Dawn ( Vice-Chairman )
User Channels
User Channels
Contact a Head Admin+ for your channel.
1.) Channel of Rossi