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Minecraft 10 Years of Parkour, Puzzles and Mazes! - Minecraft Server in Canada

What are we?
We are the oldest parkour server there is. Running since october 2010, we have established a great community and a huge variety of challenges. Our map has never been reset since the beginning. Our unique membership system ensures that only the most dedicated of players will earn full membership and build rights. You do not have to donate for ranks.
We have a custom checkpoint plugin that controls a checkpoint system, along with warps and leaderboards. There are over 150 maps built by players who were once in your shoes.

What aren't we?
We are not a PVP/Griefing/Minigames server. We are a Parkour, mazes, puzzles and survival server. We are not a server where you pay for ranks, instead you earn them fair and square.

These are the server ranks:
White - The default rank. Has access to FFA/FFA+ (These are the hubs for all of the public maps on the server. FFA stands for Free for all)
Blue - This rank is earned by gaining 20 points from challenges in FFA/FFA+. Each map gives out points based on its difficulty, scaling from 1 to 5 points. Blues have access to Hardcore (HC), a challenging 8 level course designed to test your skills and dedication. This ensures that griefers and trolls will not be granted build rights.
Green - Green status is earned by completing the Hardcore system. Assuming you did not cheat, you will be promoted to green shortly after completing the course. Greens can fully explore the world and build whatever they like in unoccupied spots. Most maps in FFA are built by greens.
Orange - Server admins. You will not be given admin from asking, and you can not donate for admin.

Server Features
-Over 150 unique challenges, including parkours, mazes, puzzles and adventure maps.
-A museum showcasing the greatest builds on the server
-A fully informative FAQ (Walk forward at the spawn)
-24/7 Server hosting
-An active staff team
-Friendly and mature community of players
-Months of fun and frustration!

Do not use flyhacks, mods or cheats to help you. We know when this happens.
Use common sense when chatting, do not spam in all caps messages.
Do not be rude or abusive towards other players.
Do not ask for help in maps. You can work with other people as long as you play fair.
Don't ask for food. You can left click checkpoint signs for food.
And of course, have fun!
By rickyboy320 | Aug 03, 2015 5:22 PM