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Not One Step Back

We had several announcements this month, from content updates to events for each Red Orchestra, Rising Storm, and Heroes of the West! If you missed attending our monthly meeting you can catch up on all of the details in our videocast of it below brought to you by Bruhaker, who also voiced the intro for this month. Unless otherwise requested, we will no longer offer podcasts, as videocasting with Discord has become a more appropriate medium.

Speaking of Discord, if you haven't already, join us for voice and text chat on our Discord! We've found it to be the best way to keep the community together and active with a no-hassle setup. You can use it on your browser, phone, or desktop and it even supports an in-game overlay to see who is speaking while you butcher Ivans and Fritzes.

A still upcoming event for this month is the exciting 32v32 Battle of the Volga campaign scrim this Saturday, Feb 25th, at 9:00PM ET between the Bloodbath Community and the 2nd Rangers Battalion. Registration is still open and all are encouraged to continue signing up, as we can expect no-shows, late-comers, or early-leavers, and it's always useful to have extras to rotate people in and out with. Some people will even rotate out voluntarily.

The Bloodbath Collection has also received an update, specifically updates to Odessa, Kaukasus, and Zhytomir. Further, the maps Butovo and Der Iwan Berg have been added to the collection. New maps are planned to be added early next month, as well. Be sure to unsub, resub, and wait for the "Download Complete" in your in-game menu to update your files!

Finally, if you support all that Bloodbath stands for and offers, we encourage you to Donate so that we can continue providing for the community and pressing it forward. Remember, we're an entirely community-operated and funded server; without your support we would not be here today!

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful community, for without which not, it wouldn't be.
By bloodmalice | Feb 24, 2017 4:42 AM