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Yes it's good news that I haven't given up on keeping the game alive. SWBF will survive at least another 10 years, unless the Internet dies first. I have so many more contributions planned over the next decade. I brought Tunngle to the community in 2012 after GameSpy died, and now I bring us SWBFSpy. Corporate greed, monopolization, mis-management, NWO shilling, etc. is not the way forward. I can't stop laughing either at those who think otherwise... I laugh especially hard every time it backfires on them. LMAO
By fcrage | Aug 27, 2017 12:09 PM
Btw, I love Disney and even more since they bought Star wars :D Not much about the singing but for everything else.
By jackdaniel_ | Aug 26, 2017 3:15 AM
Ah CaptZipp, wished you were a hot lady that were jaw dropped lol ;)
By jackdaniel_ | Aug 26, 2017 3:01 AM
@ Jdl, LOL. Sometimes you leave me jaw dropped man! I'll tell you what man, you spear head the start of this singing ensemble you want and load up the vid and then we will all follow,LOL. Is this some kind of subliminal hint that Disney (which owns star wars now) bought you guys off and thats why in hind site you guys are running this game to the groung?? Just busting your chops man, i can only imagine what face you are making right now!lol. @ Phobos, that is good news that there are still people passionate enough to make sure this game survives corporate greed and (dont get me wrong fellas, thats why i stated monopoly is never a good thing before) Ocassional miss management. Just because an individual or group of individuals sees things one way, does not mean that is the way to go. If you ask me JDL, you are the perfect candidate for the New World Order, enjoy getting chipped cause its 1776 down here bit**es! Can't stop laughing, can only focus on what face you are probably making man!!LOL Disclaimer: I am moderatly inebriated!lol
By captainzp | Aug 25, 2017 5:26 PM
thx Zippy. @JD SWBFModders is a big part of SWBF1 and 2 on the PC and PS2. SWBFSpy is important enough for our team to keep supporting and expanding. I've helped keep SWBF alive for many years and stuff ilke this won't stop me from continuing to do so. Yeah I've seen Led's videos and will make better ones for when SWBFSpy launches. Anyder and led have gone beyond just attempted monopolization, but good thing I took the right precautions to be unaffected by it. It may be harder for u to grasp bcuz alot of their hostility has been subtle actions. On anyder's fake steam group it shows how he recently added the "improvements to the MS" section which, before while i was still a member of led's forum, was what we all agreed was going to be my role. then when the conflict started, anyder said they would never improve led's MS, but he recently changed his mind once deciding to copy ALL my ideas he could. Now he only wants to add leaderboards, just for the sake of making sure I don't get credited for it on led's forum. Just like he did to my hex edits. swbf will never die as long as swbfmodders is here.
By fcrage | Aug 25, 2017 4:14 PM
I heard Led voice as he did a didacticiel for us and I learnt a lot about it. Phobos, I told you, I respect you but I don't know you.
By jackdaniel_ | Aug 23, 2017 3:51 AM
I read your blog post and knowing led and anyder for some times, I have trouble understanding and comprehend it.
By jackdaniel_ | Aug 23, 2017 3:44 AM
Lol zippy, yeah you're right, no monopoly but still people need to work together on a dying game. I could say the opposite on a new game but this game is so old with so few players, so active players fighting within each other makes me sick. So we need all to let go and move forward so I leave this song around to bring us all together and sing-a-long :)
By jackdaniel_ | Aug 23, 2017 1:43 AM
I just meant non-Admin, the power strifes you guys have up there are very complex for regular players to grasp. However i do understand your frustration based on what you have told me and would like to say sorry you are going through all of this. However on a positive note, it is a good thing you are a talented fella and have other people helping you who understands all of this stuff that i wish i understood, because believe it or not my genieus has a limit!j/k and i wish you guys the best on making the proper improvements needed to serve the community better. I think this path that happened, is actually somewhat of a positive thing because this ensures the survival of these games for a longer period of time. A Monopoly is never a good thing and you are bringing diversion and competition. Best of luck with everything!!
By captainzp | Aug 23, 2017 12:39 AM
It would be a good start if they were to agree to that, but time will probably prove they won't. I'm not the one who's unwilling to be a team player... In May 2016 Led agreed to help me with setting up a clone Masterserver of GameMaster for me to test adding new improvements to (something Anyder also now wants to take credit away from me for). But when finally I asked Led 1 year later to help set it up, he broke his agreement. Then Anyder & Led wanted to discredit my involvement in the project, and claim only their version was acceptable... So when I decided to start the new domain without their help, they went mad and tried to shut me out of everything they could. I created the SWBFSpy project in 2013 and worked on it with [FC]Wolf up until 2014, but put it on hold when GameMaster was released, so that I could contribute mods and game servers to the community instead. Now in retrospect I can see, I should have finished the master server first, and this situation might have been entirely avoided.... Regardless, until they recognize my role in the administration of SWBFSpy, they won't be willing to agree to having two overlapping master servers working together for the community. Instead, it seems Anyder & Led would rather try to copy all my ideas for improving the MS. I mean, Anyder has literally hijacked my [FC]MosCitadel server files, renaming it to his fakespy | europe server. Led did the same to this PS2 server, but needed Oldsnake's help with the mods of course. Anyder wants to take over everything I have ever contributed without my approval, he even stole credit for my tournament mods -- does that sound like someone who's willing to "put this mishap behind us" ?
By fcrage | Aug 22, 2017 7:26 AM
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