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Call of Duty *RRMS*Ctf/Htf* - Call of Duty Server in United States
Updated once every 24 hours
Admin ^7*RR^1MS*^7 Admins
codam_session 6895
codam_version 3.1 RiRiS Awe Mod
downloads ^7Turn ON Downloads
Email ^7subgunner1^
fs_game rrms2_ctf
gamename Call of Duty
GamePlay ^7Capture the Flag
gameplay2 ^7Hold the Flag
Gameplay3 ^7All Weapons
g_timeoutsallowed 0
Location Chicago, Illinois
mod 1
protocol 6
scr_friendlyfire 0
scr_killcam 1
shortversion 1.5
sv_allowAnonymous 0
sv_floodProtect 1
sv_master1 ^1codmaster^
sv_master2 ^7master^
sv_master3 ^1master0^
sv_master4 ^7clanservers^
sv_master5 ^1codauthorize^
sv_maxPing 0
sv_maxRate 25000
sv_minPing 0
sv_pure 1
Website ^7www.^1rrms^3web.^7com