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Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Official NMRiH Server #1 - US Chicago Nightmare - Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Server in United States
SWBFSpy team has replaced the fake NMRiH servers being spammed by abusive trolls in Dallas with the official NMRiH server, now hosted in Chicago.

WazanatorTroll attempting to censor official NMRiH servers. The fake Dallas servers are posing as official servers and we are in the process of dealing with them. Ignore Wazanator and the other trolls.


Note: Phobos and Wolf created SWBFspy in 2013. The creator of NMRiH, Maxx, let a bunch of woketrolls infiltrate his team, which resulted in them getting banned. As of 2023, Phobos and the SWBFmodders team are now hosting the official NMRiH servers on the SWBFspy master server infrastructure.

As of 2023 SWBFSpy hosts the official NMRiH servers, due to Wazanator, Riley and other such trolls getting banned.

Solutions for upcoming expected increased censorship/coping of Wazanatortroll

List of No More Room in Hell Official Servers & banned trolls archive

INFERNAL difficulty is harder than Nightmare overall. Features: Bag, 33% larger hordes with higher ratios of runners kids and crawlers, zombies inflict 25% more damage, higher infection rate of 83% at full HP, medical items boosted, skill shots maglite and bayonet damage boosted, players can burn zombies with the lighter, disabled (for now) friendly fire.

- To enable HUD (off by default), go into player console and type: sm_health_stamina 1
- To disable Health/Stamina HUD, go back and type: sm_health_stamina 0
- For extra brightness, type: mat_monitorgamma_tv_enabled 1

Bugs: 1. No charge attack toggler. 2. Increasing ov_max_zombie_count has no effect. 3. Items must be dropped to place in bag, you can't drag them. 4. Some maps are lame or bugged.

NFOservers offers the highest-performance servers, guaranteed! Visit to start your own free trial. All rules on the official Steam server manager,, apply here as well. If you need a moderator reach out on Steam to our server manager.

Special thanks to NFOServers for providing the US servers! North America:
Official NMRiH Server #1 - US Chicago Nightmare: connect
Official NMRiH Server #2 - US Chicago Custom Classic: connect

Ever since February 1st, 2011, we have ran and maintained a series of official servers graciously provided by our friends at NFOServers. Since February 2023, we have also taken the reigns of administration for hosting the only official NMRiH servers. The No More Room in Hell development team does not have official servers in Dallas, the IP addresses for the correct servers are listed below, which you can directly add to your favorites:

The list of domain names are available as:

Be sure to ignore any of the rogue imposters claiming to be admins/devs, along with their fake discord servers, since they have hijacked the Steam forums for app/224260. If you spot any servers claiming to be an official server, please report them to our Admin at

Featured Mods:
- 150+ new maps
- View your health and stamina
- View other player's names and health color
- Enable vote change map
- Enable kill messages
- All talk
- Improved tools/lighter
- Latespawn
- Visible gear
- Moveable ammo
- Backpack (requires fists to drop/equip, drop stuff on bag to store)
- Invisible weapons bug fix
- 9 players
- Rockthevote

Public archive of banned trolls
banid 0 [U:1:36328263]
banid 0 [U:1:145499522]
banid 0 [U:1:206512294]
banid 0 [U:1:11456907]
banid 0 [U:1:7808132]
banid 0 [U:1:188380]
banid 0 [U:1:10136631]
banid 0 [U:1:16519655]
banid 0 [U:1:14005365]
banid 0 [U:1:11059368]
banid 0 [U:1:13305624]
banid 0 [U:1:11060551]
banid 0 [U:1:513840]
banid 0 [U:1:9109822]
banid 0 [U:1:7980305]
banid 0 [U:1:7446372]
banid 0 [U:1:22776347]
banid 0 [U:1:9241934]
banid 0 [U:1:49555969]
banid 0 [U:1:33195683]
banid 0 [U:1:67176419]
banid 0 [U:1:38432709]
banid 0 [U:1:19954302]
banid 0 [U:1:25360547]
banid 0 [U:1:164263434]
banid 0 [U:1:216140]
banid 0 [U:1:999916679]
banid 0 [U:1:156603602]
banid 0 [U:1:1232813800]
banid 0 [U:1:407633916]
banid 0 [U:1:253106480]
banid 0 [U:1:411035013]
banid 0 [U:1:1262064423]
banid 0 [U:1:480309988]
banid 0 [U:1:1012358755]
banid 0 [U:1:394281120]
banid 0 [U:1:1520237728]
banid 0 [U:1:1130003217]
banid 0 [U:1:1022172008]
banid 0 [U:1:136764183]
banid 0 [U:1:185479233]
banid 0 [U:1:35093126]
banid 0 [U:1:314467068]
banid 0 [U:1:325250366]
banid 0 [U:1:913865675]
banid 0 [U:1:1420388167]
banid 0 [U:1:1428723109]
banid 0 [U:1:105377534]
banid 0 [U:1:242963408]
banid 0 [U:1:86572193]
banid 0 [U:1:182233885]
banid 0 [U:1:182281864]
banid 0 [U:1:122591377]
banid 0 [U:1:120950979]
banid 0 [U:1:1125835944]
banid 0 [U:1:51094554]
banid 0 [U:1:252663920]
banid 0 [U:1:1558243765]
banid 0 [U:1:871598641]
banid 0 [U:1:1585801146]
banid 0 [U:1:99244404]
banid 0 [U:1:1072804652]
banid 0 [U:1:406976384]
banid 0 [U:1:22187947]

SWBFSpy Servers by SWBFModders
Public game servers are hosted 24/7 on SWBFSpy for PC and PS2 players of the original Star Wars Battlefront (2004) and Star Wars Battlefront II (2005). The SWBFModders community manages the SWBFSpy master server, which was started in 2013 based on OpenSpy sources, and completed in 2018, with SWBFSpy leaderboards added in 2019.

Download the Official SWBFSpy Multiplayer Patch:

Official SWBF Steam Guide:

SWBFSpy Servers:
3658 - ZeroFront (40tps) (BF PC)
3659A - BF PS2 (NTSC) (30tps)
3659B - BFII PS2 (NTSC) (30tps)
3660 - The Walking Dead | (40tps) (BF PC)
3661 - BFII Official (40tps)
3662 - Official NMRiH Infernal Server #1 (66tps)
- Server 3659 alternates weekly between PS2 servers for BF1 (1st and 3rd week) and BF2 (2nd and 4th week).
- 3658 ZeroFront now includes Alien Wars + Boot Camp.
- 3660 Walking Dead now includes DiabloFront.

Beware of any other services claiming to be SWBFSpy, they are fake, non-functional plagiarist failures. All trolls associated with such fakespy imitations have been banned.

After extensive testing, Phobos confirmed that 40tps is the highest stable tickrate for BF1 and BF2 PC servers hosted on SWBFSpy (it was 60tps for BF1 until Space Maps were ported), and 600fps is the highest stable client framerate for SWBF1 multiplayer, while singleplayer is limited to 240-360fps.

Hall of shame for oxygen-waste trolls who got banned from SWBF exposure @

What's the deal with this Led / Buckler Troll spamming lies about us?


Bypass DNAS Authentication for PS2 Tutorial discovered and written by Phobos:

Community Links:

Download ZeroFront Mod Builds:

Public ZeroFront Info Page:
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Name: Official NMRiH Server #1 - US Chicago Nightmare
Game: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch   Browse: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Servers
Address:   Port: 3662   Status: Alive
Server Manager: fcrage (claim server)
Clan: Freelancer Consortium   Tag:
Members: 8   Accepting Members: No
Game Server Rank: 172nd (25th Percentile)
Highest (past month): 162nd   Lowest (past month): 175th
Current Players: 0 / 8
Current Bots: 0
Average (past month): 1
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